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28th October 2022

Steve Harrison & Giles Edwards [BONUS EPISODE]

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Ahead of our 100th episode next week, one of the most outspoken and brilliant voices in ad land, Steve Harrison, dropped by …Gasp! HQ and tore up our usual script for a special bonus episode of Call to Action.

Copywriter, author, and great friend of the agency, Steve stuck the boot very much on the other foot and snared Giles to shoot the breeze on all things …Gasp!, with an extra dose of eloquent fire for good measure. It is Steve after all.

We chat on why we’re called …Gasp!, art director heroes, being a bunch of creatives who excel a strategy (and vice versa), turning down pitches and firing rude clients, turning 13, abusive voicemails from Sophie, the confidence crisis amongst agencies, our work for Langleys and Zen Internet, setting fire to the Leo Burnett offices, getting sued, selling the agency and tons more.

Tune in next Friday for our 100th episode with an extra special guest. It’s going to be mega. Ritson Mark my words.

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Here’s Jonathan Barnbrook

Over 80% of our team has completed at least one of Mark Ritson's Marketing & Brand Management Mini MBAs


(02:54) - Why we’re called …Gasp!

(04:46) - Art Directors and creative heroes

(09:30) - …Gasp!’s focus on strategy over tactics

(13:23) - Working for a big shop or a little shop?

(19:32) - Turning down pitches and firing clients

(32:00) - Moving away from the billable hour

(35:45) - Confidence crisis amongst agencies

(44:42) - A social purpose campaign that works for Zen Internet

(52:10) - Setting fire to the Leo Burnett office; have we lost rock and roll creatives?

(59:00) - Our work, that worked, with Langleys

(1:08:43) - Would Giles sell the agency?

Guest's Reading List

A Smile In the Mind

Beryl McAlhone and David Stuart

The Art of Looking Sideways

Alan Fletcher

Can’t Sell Won’t Sell

Steve Harrison

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