Gasp Needs You

No... not you, recruitment agency dude. Yes, you.

We’re always looking for slightly odd, curious, very talented and lovely people. Very odd is OK too. Just don’t be ultra-odd, like some of the characters we view in the marketplace from our studio window.

We’ve also been known to welcome freelancers with open arms, but have also been known to see off recruitment agencies with a shot gun.

Any current roles we have to fill are listed below, but if you’re thinking; ‘buggar, there’s no jobs going, but I still want a bit of this’, then get in touch. As you might expect, we want more than just your CV and portfolio. We’d be ruddy grateful if you could also answer these questions/requests:

  1. What are you most famous for?
  2. You meet a client for the first time. The rest of the team haven’t arrived yet. How do your get the conversation started?
  3. 50 words extolling the virtues of your favourite foodstuff (It better be cheese*).
  4. What is the best ad campagn of all time and why?
  5. What is your favourite episode of our Call to Action podcast (if you haven’t listened to it, go and listen now, we’d never find out)?
  6. Which business, brand or company could be massively helped by better advertising? How?
  7. What's your favourite GIF?
  8. How are you weird?
  9. You’re being briefed by a client on a new project. You have the opportunity to ask three questions. What are they?
  10. How many typos did you spot in this questionaire?

*It doesn’t have to be cheese.