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The go-to podcast for anyone trying to make sense of the world of Marketing, Advertising and beyond. In an industry that is a minefield of utter bollocks, we aim to capture our heroes and allies from the front line to have a chin-wag with.

It’s like Pokémon Go, with the single but vital exception that it’s not a short-term bandwagon of shite.



If you're a fan of books by people like Gary V and Simon Sinek, you should probably stop reading now. This book is the opposite of those. And not just because it won’t be anywhere near as popular.

It’s an antidote to the insanity that now pervades the marketing industry. Written by the wonderful Ryan Wallman, it is a collection of articles, satirical posts and assorted miscellany, it is a no-holds-barred commentary on modern marketing, advertising and business. A Number 1 Best Seller

Copywriting Is...

A glimpse into the dark and inky heart of a copywriter.

This book does not teach you how to write copy. But it will, hopefully, show you what life as a copywriter is like – whether you’re only just discovering the role, or have the pencil-withered finger-bones of a seasoned pro. It’s a collection of thoughts – good and bad, wise and silly, broken and jubilant – about what surely is the most pleasurable, and most peculiar, way to earn a creative living. A Number 1 Best Seller

Adele Writes An Ad

"A great message about the power of creative ideas" – Giles Paley-Philips, author of The Fearsome Beastie.

This is Adele. Her mum drives a submarine. Her dad writes adverts for the telly.

But, when dad is asked to write an ad for Hooblahoo – the greatest fizzy drink there is – he goes blank. Luckily for him, Adele has a huge imagination and the perfect idea.

An Amazon #1 Hot New Release


You know those bands that constantly reinvent themselves and strive to go in bold experimental directions with every new album? But then there are other bands that stick to what they know, without ever reaching the heights of their debut?

If you prefer the latter, you’re going to like this book. More of the same, albeit not quite as good. But hey, if you’re a fan, there’s plenty here for you. How Brands Blow picks up where Delusions of Brandeur left off, with some laughs, some occasional good sense, and some deserved roasting of the marketing industry’s clowns.


Creatively Supporting Mental Health. Ideas should never be isolated. Advertising is about sharing ideas. It’s about sharing ideas that inspire us to help others. Ideas that persuade us to think differently. Ideas that reassure us when we feel vulnerable.

But while we find ourselves isolated from each other, sharing ideas is that bit harder. It’s why we’ve created Our aim is simple: with your help, we want to keep sharing ideas. By doing so we hope to connect us in times of isolation and support mental health and wellbeing.

Talking 2 Heads

The vital podcast for parents. Hear the vision, ethos and aspirations of Heads of schools to make better, more informed choices for your children.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the Headteacher to a school. They are the conductor, shaping and structuring the very fabric of an environment that supports children to grow and prosper, both academically and socially. If only there was a way to hear what they’ve got to say at a time to suit you and not just Open Days.