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You know those bands that constantly reinvent themselves and strive to go in bold experimental directions with every new album?

But then there are other bands that stick to what they know, without ever reaching the heights of their debut?

If you prefer the latter, you’re going to like this book. It’s basically the “Weezer’s second album” of marketing discourse. More of the same, albeit not quite as good.

But hey, if you’re a fan, there’s plenty here for you. How Brands Blow picks up where international best seller Delusions of Brandeur left off, with some laughs, some occasional good sense, and some deserved roasting of the marketing industry’s clowns.

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Gasp how brands blow ryan wallman


Ryan Wallman is Creative Director and Head of Copy at Wellmark, a Melbourne-based creative agency that specialises in healthcare. In his former life, he was a doctor and worked for several years in psychiatry – so he knows plenty about delusions.

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Gasp how brands blow giles edwards


Giles is co-founder of Gasp, the award-winning marketing agency that's been "fearless and inventive" (The Drum) and hell-bent on making its clients more profitable for 10 years.

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What good folk said about Delusions of Brandeur:

Watch Giles and Ryan's entertaining talk, "Don't Be Brave. Be Right"