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...Gasp! turns 13


we would like to announce...

The Brief

...Gasp! was about to become 13 years old.

But, so what, who cares?

Indifference is always an obstacle. The brief was simply, how do we celebrate and announce this milestone in a creatively memorable and boringly effective way.

The Response

A series of announcements were made across various ad media (organic and paid) including social, OOH/poster sites around Berkshire, announcing the anticipated behaviour changes of a teenage agency.

As we wrote in our 2009 founding manifesto, 6 Common Fails, 'indifference leads to invisibility'. Remembering this should lead to more effective, memorable, work.

The Results

An overwhelming response from the industry and beyond. The ads were featured in several international publications, referenced by notable writers, agencies and industry figureheads, including the brilliant Dan Nelken and David Moore, and led to numerous enquiries.

Some agencies even asked if they could steal the idea. We told them they could do what they like cos our dad could have their dad so whatever.

"How utterly refreshing! Just like the agency :-)" – Brian Macreadie, Head of Marketing, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

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