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Zen Internet

Brand Positioning Campaign


The Brief

Zen is in business to be a force for good. The business was born purposeful and it has long become second nature and normal for them to think and act with goodness at their heart. They needed help from …Gasp! to ensure every new and existing partner and business customer understood this. It’s a game changer, a real differentiator and crucial to their growth strategy.

The Response

Founder, Richard Tang was not bitten by a radioactive spider.

He wasn’t adopted by human parents after arriving here from space. As far as we know, his bones are not made of super-strong metal. He’s just a normal person who thinks that brands can, and should, be trying to make things better, whenever they get the chance.

In refreshing contrast to all the superhero campaigns out there. We took the position that this is definitely not superhero thing. It’s simply a ‘doing our bit’ thing.

We didn’t want this to be about preaching or polishing a halo or patting them on the back. They are just everyday people who do whatever we can to look after the people they work with and the place they live in. They are both extraordinarily ordinary, and ordinarily extraordinary.

The answer was a toolkit of customisable content. Launching in March with a fun video to celebrate their B Corp status and continuing on with email banners, social assets, PPT template, Teams background, social content. Anywhere that partners will see and hear them. Everything was housed in a Campaign Book which brought all members of the team on the journey of Force for Good setting out a manifesto, internal positioning and how to put the campaign into action.

This is not a superhero thing. It's a doing our bit thing.

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The Results

We had the full backing of the Zen team for this campaign. They were drawn to its energy, playfulness and relatable positioning. But don’t take our word for it.

“Production is fantastic, amazing work”, Aimee, Marketing Executive

“They are so good! Exactly what we need”, Tom, Marketing Executive

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