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Research & Brand Advertising Campaign

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The Brief

The thought of law firms fills people with dread. They’re already filled with tension, and the alien world of law only makes it worse. They feel like solicitors are unapproachable. They don’t understand what’s being said. And they’re afraid it’ll cost the earth.

We needed to change people’s perceptions of what it’s like to work with a law firm. And to stand out amongst more established players in a saturated market. Langleys wanted to be unexpected and memorable so that when the context (distress or otherwise) triggers the need, they are top of mind.

The Response

It all started with some proper diagnosis and research...

Langleys make law easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to get what you need doing, done. We just needed everyone else to know this too.

The client had already done an extensive and excellent job of understanding how they were perceived. We validated this and enriched it by combing through a set of 30+ law firms across Yorkshire and the East Midlands, taking record and measures of brand codes including logos, slogans, colours, tone, word frequency and more. Now we had a baseline.

A set of weights and measures for what was expected. It also threw into sharp relief the gaps and white space for what was unexpected.

This was not about changing their existing brand, but developing and flexing so that we worked in underutilised territory and claimed some distinction. Ditching the favoured, safe, blue and green tones and coaxing claret and gold into the spotlight we immediately had something fresh. Typography, patterns and gradients gave us distinctive assets in abundance, all upcycled from their existing wardrobe. Our only new item was a sonic cue, a jingle that we bookended a new radio ad with, to tap into a whole new world of unused accessories.



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Lee Grunnell, Director of Marketing & BD, Langleys

“Getting 30-odd partners in a law firm to agree on anything — let alone an advertising campaign — is no easy task. But ...Gasp! managed it with Langleeeasy, because everyone could see it was brilliant. Brilliantly distinctive, brilliantly on-brief, brilliantly executed, and backed by brilliant research. The results were brilliant as well, with a huge uplift in all of our KPIs in a much shorter timeframe than we were expecting”

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The Results

The new brand campaign and tone of voice were a genuine pleasure to develop in a collaborative process. We had tons of fun working with Langleys and building up their collateral and content. There was a great response to the “Langleeeasy” campaign, both in the press and colloquially from people like B2B champion, Brian Macreadie.

Yet perhaps best of all, there were some impressive increases in web traffic (15% QoQ) and search volumes (19% QoQ), and a huge boost in online inquiries (297% QoQ). And our radio ads had a very healthy 56,672 impressions and a 97.4% listen-through rate from 1st to 31st January 2022.

But don’t just take our word for it. Lee Grunnell, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Langleys, brilliantly talks through the entire process in an interview with The Professionals.

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