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10th March 2022

Nick Asbury

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This week, we laid bait of lofty vision statements and years of intricate tax dodging, to lure one of Britain’s most-awarded copywriters from the shadows. Locked and loaded to lob a few volleys at brand purpose, he’s Nick Asbury.

A brilliant writer and a thoroughly good bloke to boot, Nick crafts witty and charming words for branding and design.

Pile your plate high as Nick talks to us on how a poem about the England football team got him in real trouble, differentiating between writing for design versus writing for ads, Paul Newman’s salad dressing, using wit (properly), a Friends NFT, why the Innocent imitators in packaging copy need to cut it out and his plans to dismantle brand purpose. You won’t be disappointed.

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He’s one half of Asbury & Asbury

Alongside, Sue Asbury, whose ace paintings you should check out here

Read The Nations Prayer poem that got him in real trouble

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Here’s Realtime Notes


(02:05) - Quickfire questions

(05:22) - First-ever job

(13:31) - Writing for design versus writing for advertising

(18:50) - A Smile in the Mind

(22:05) - Use of wit in advertising and design

(27:05) - Brand purpose (🔥)

(54:54) - Listener questions from Paul Bailey and Andrew Spurrier Dawes

(1:02:26) - 4 pertinent posers

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A Smile in the Mind

Beryl McAlhone, David Stuart, Greg Quinton & Nick Asbury

In Pursuit of the Common Good

Paul Newman & A.E. Hotchner

The Anatomy of Humbug

Paul Feldwick

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