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14th July 2022

Carolyn Barclay

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We flagged down a Big Yellow Taxi and rode it all the way to Melbourne to catch copywriter and Joni Mitchell mega-fan, Carolyn Barclay, this week.

A stubbornly strategy-first copywriter, Carolyn helps brands sound like actual humans instead of soulless robots sent from the future to bore us to death. She’s also co-founder of Kingswood & Palmerston, a creative consultancy solving marketing puzzles for B2B and making ads for ad agencies.

She talks to us on selling cheap suits to men who call them straitjackets, Bob Dylan, writing great copy by studying song writing, outspending versus outsmarting, why ordering ten blogs with a side of social is rarely the right thing to do, Eaon Pritchard, making ads for ad agencies, why rappers are good copywriters, whether AI robots really will take our jobs and a shed load more.

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Carolyn recommends Eaon Pritchard’s Back to Basics course

Read Carolyn’s blog “How my failed songwriting career helps me write better copy”

Ads we chat about:

Life. Be in it.

Slip! Slop! Slap!

Backbone by Young & Rubicam

TDA Advertising & Design


(01:45) - Quick fire questions

(03:12) - First job selling cheap suits

(07:50) - First marketing job organising Avon’s Bargain Bin catalogue

(13:51) - Writing great copy by studying song writing

(18:46) - Why she’s a stubbornly strategy-first copywriter

(23:59) - Kingswood & Palmerston

(27:57) - Ads for ad agencies

(34:07) - Listener Questions from John Lyons, Louis Lucente, Kate Taylor, and David Moore

(34:29) - Why rappers make great copywriters

(39:20) - Thoughts on AI copywriting

(44:39) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Santaland Diaries

David Sedaris


Margaret Atwood

Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul Simon

Malcolm Gladwell

Writing Better Lyrics

Pat Pattison


Thomas Kemeny

Other Guest Links

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