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The Buffini Chao Foundation



The Brief

Having worked tirelessly for many years on a multitude of inspirational projects, the foundation felt it was time to share with the world the wonderful achievements and successes they been involved in. They came to Gasp thanks to the unwavering support of Sue Gutierrez, a consultant who has partnered with us on many projects.

The Response

A simple brochure style website with straight forward navigations and an intuitive CMS was all we needed to ensure the client got exactly what they wanted. Clean designs and tidy templates all explained via wireframes and a detailed customer journey were quickly signed off by the trustees.

Completing the site on schedule and on budget ticked all the necessary boxes.

The Buffini Chao Foundation was established by Sir Damon Buffini and Lady Buffini in 2005, with a focus on promoting education and opportunities.

The Results

See for yourself, it’s live here!

“It’s progressed really well and it’s exactly what we wanted, thank you for making it so easy!” Sue Gutierrez, Trustee

Sue Gutierrez, Trustee, The Buffini Chao Foundation

“Gasp are friendly, fun and enthusiastic, whilst being utterly professional - a very special formula.”

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