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The Brief

Staples wanted a front-end re-design for their ‘Knowledge Centre’, a central hub of information and content that was integral to their e-commerce website and marketing strategy in four markets (UK, Germany, France and Italy). With plans for it to be rolled out in a further five markets across their European estate, we had to go above and beyond what they currently had: A platform that allowed their customers to have maximum engagement with their content, supported their marketing comms and acted as a conduit in the purchase decision making process.

The Response

The Knowledge Centre was to house an extensive collection of diverse content, so Phase 1 was focused on researching how to structure blogs, articles, papers, guides and videos that ranged across subjects from the office environment through to lifestyle.

We defined the optimum information architecture for the proposed site and created interactive wireframes - critical to manage stakeholder feedback and reviews across borders. We covered all eventualities of responsiveness and also improved functionality to include; intuitive search, sharing and links back to the e-commerce site.

Phase 2 was centred on the interface design and layouts. Our approach was simple yet clever with fluid navigation meaning visitors could easily while away 20-30 minutes engrossed in interesting content, whilst removing any previous friction to improve necessary site metrics. Crucially, this facilitates the visiting of the site to become habitual, creating deeper ties and keeping Staples front of mind, all of which ultimately means customers are more inclined to trust Staples with a purchase.

The Results

After ensuring a smooth handover with the seamless integration of the templates to the back end, the final result is best seen via a good nosey around the new website itself.

Kirsty Montgomery, European Head of Acquisition, Staples

“Gasp answered tough briefs and deadlines with imagination and commitment. You work with companies again and again that you trust to get the job done.”

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