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The Brief

The Commercial team at Thames Water were overflowing with bold, innovative ideas for the future, but they needed help in communicating them to the rest of the internal team, including the Executive and new CEO (no less). That’s where we came in. We were tasked with designing print work that was “refreshingly clear” and would excite all Thames Water employees, demonstrating the added value the Commercial team provide, whilst

creating a desire amongst their colleagues to come for discussions and to understand more about their plans.

The Response

Although this was in essence a business plan, it couldn’t be your typically corporate, boring piece filled with jargon; that just wouldn’t cut it.

We created a Thames Water ‘world’; a vision of the near future where all the exciting and innovative commercial opportunities have become a reality. Entitled ‘Destination tomorrow’, the bright, crisp and curiosity-arousing visuals allowed the reader’s imagination

and eye to rove and explore with an easy flow. From exciting and unusual ambient outdoor advertising opportunities, to providing sanitation solutions at music festivals, it conveyed Commercial as the engine room for change and innovation at Thames Water.

For the internal meeting, we produced hand-out versions, as well as larger A1 posters, to be displayed in the meeting.

The Results

Our contacts at Thames Water were thrilled with the finished piece. It gave them the confidence and drive to hold an internal planning session to which they invited all of their extended team and new CEO. The meeting room was full to the gunnels and the team were praised for their proactivity, ideas and slick presentation and collateral. A job well done by all!

Rachael Parker, Commercial Team, Thames Water

“Gasp absolutely over delivered on this. It was way beyond our expectations, and we are champing at the bit to share with our team. Thanks so much guys!”

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