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Learning Pool

Positioning & Brand


The Brief

To research, recommend and develop the brand name and identity for a revolutionary new online learning tool currently known internally as ‘next gen’.

Since 2006, Learning Pool has grown from a modest team of five to a market leader in the e-learning industry. They engage strongly in open source projects that deliver real benefit outside of Learning Pool and provide leading-edge innovation at a reasonable price.

The Response

Having researched competitors extensively, it became clear that the category is a mind field of sub-products within a brand. Often the fall-out of a merger or acquisition they display little cohesion other than referencing similar words – learn, engage, perform, college.

What we established was an opportunity to own something that competitors do not, and once claimed, cannot. The easier the brand and product is to remember, the better the chance of recall in a buying situation.

Our recommendation was to develop language and visual cues centred around water, reinforcing and building on the company name Learning Pool. Water is fluid, alive, always moving, flexing. It finds its own path and pace. In this way it mirrors the product, enabling users to take control of their learning. They build a programme entirely unique to them learning what they want, when they want with their own success criteria.

The Results

Our recommended product name: Headstream.

Our recommended strapline: The source of workflow learning.

Using water imagery and strong fluid graphics to accentuate literature and promotional material, we built a set of guidelines in partnership with their existing documentation. This ensured that as every new piece of literature was created by their internal team, the core of the logo and its rationale was always reinforced and strengthened and never diluted.

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