Advertising Campaign

Change the music. Change the experience.

The Brief

Startle provides background music to industries including Retail and Hospitality. But, really, music is too powerful to be left in the background. In the spirit of 'don't tell me you're a comedian, make me laugh' how could we simply, distinctly, and memorably demonstrate the power that music has to shape and change the experience.

The Response

Change the Music. Change the Experience. Watch (just) some of the short videos here, and you'll understand the idea.

F***ing awesome. Award-winning. I absolutely mean that.
– Ryan Wallman, Creative Director & Copywriting Legend

"...Gasp! we need a Christmas Ad"
"Leave it with us..."

The Results

Record-breaking ad performance across paid and organic platforms. Sadly, we cannot share much more on that. Unsurprisingly.

Approval from the copyright holder is not required. Its use is fair dealing under copyright law for the purposes of caricature, parody or pastiche. Cite: European Court of Justice (the case of Deckmyn v Vandersteen), in which the Court held that, to qualify for the exception the relevant work must: • evoke an existing work, while being noticeably different from it; and • secondly, constitute an expression of humour or mockery. These ads express humour specifically, and entirely, because they are noticeably different. Full disclaimers on source YouTube description.

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