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The Brief

Having laboured over so many marvellous pages, it was only right that the design and production of Michael's seminal work was left in the experienced book publishing hands of …Gasp!

Once printed, our job was to help raise awareness and demand for the book to a select, exclusive group of like-minded data devotees.

The Response

Given the relatively tight constrictions of designing, printing and publishing a book for a small print run, the final design was nevertheless in a striking, clean and classic monochrome style. To match Michaels's skill in taking a dry subject and turning it into a witty and engaging must-read, we applied the same logic to our lead promo tool.

A promo video inspired by a rather unique blend of old British Pathé public service videos and sketches from The Fast Show delivered a stand-out, memorable and funny synopsis of what to expect from the book and was the creative centrepiece to the framework we produced to promote the book.

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“Is there wild data running amok in your organisation? Nobody knows who owns it, or if it’s going to be important when the boss wants to know what the devil’s going on.”

The Results

Clearly, the aim of this book was never to stock the shelves at Waterstones (although you never know), so out of our highly targeted ‘data heads’ segment, an impressive 52 contacts reached out and requested their own copy. Confessions of a Data Man was talked about and praised on social media with many positive and complimentary reviews. Here’s just a small sample of them:

“I read it in one go and found it extremely useful. Very well written, thought provoking and engrossing to read.”

“I’ve read the intro and I’m already hooked.”

“Well written and easy to read.”

“The book looked exactly as I had imagined. ...Gasp!'s ability to turn what was in my head into reality - whilst adding additional sparkle - was fantastic. I was blown away when I held this creation in my hand. The book would have held its own on the shelves of any bookshop. I know firsthand that talking about data in an interesting way is not easy, but it’s fair to say that the video did a great job in flipping this misnomer on its head. But that’s exactly why I went to …Gasp! It’s a funny, witty and distinct piece of content that really stood out and achieved great engagement (and requests for book copies) on social media.”

Michael Lonnon, Industry Marketing Lead, HSO

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