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The Brief

We were chuffed to be recommended to Paul Kelly and the team at Sila in early 2022 when they were known as D/A. We worked with D/A to deliver stand-out creative and storytelling to cut through the noise in a crowded and primarily tech-focussed market. You can read all about it here.

Cue early 2023 and Paul was keen to get the band back together for our own version of the difficult second album. D/A had seen success with their Sila tool, and felt it was time it left the branded house for a new life as one in their house of brands.

There are 422 million Arabic speakers across MENA. But most research tools don’t understand the 70% of them who use native Arabic dialects online. Sila’s Arabic-native AI understands 20+ dialects right across MENA so you hear more consumer conversations, and make better business decisions.

As Paul emphatically put it; “Much like a wombat carries around its hairless young in its pouch until it becomes too itchy to hang around anymore, Sila’s hair is almost out. That’s 100% made up. Actually, no it's not. The wombat bit is.”

Our brief was to develop a bold and loud brand campaign, anchored in proper research, that introduced Sila to the world as the first, only, and best tool of its kind. This meant being everything they were not currently in the public face.

We set out to develop a distinct and memorable category redefining brand position for Sila that communicated how Sila's unique AI capabilities help you make better business decisions.

The Response

We quickly got stuck into research; combining cultural and competitor analysis, internal stakeholder interviews and in-depth customer interviews to uncover the key drivers that would inform the brand positioning.

We found there is a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) at play. You really cannot afford to risk not understanding your consumers in the best possible way. Customer’s were confident that Sila's Arabic native capabilities truly are above and beyond that of the competition. Other tools are, at best, inaccurate, and, at worst, not picking up on content whatsoever. And, luckily, there's an excitement around AI and the opportunity to be an early adopter of it.

This rich understanding of a complex, first-of-its-kind product and a market dominated by research juggernauts landed on one underlying theme for the brand campaign; to stand out in a landscape dominated by old, clunky research giants, we needed to be provocative in our copy, bold in our creative but with a simple proposition at our core.

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There are 422 million Arabic speakers across MENA.

But most research tools don’t understand the 70% of them who use native Arabic dialects online.

That means villages are muted. Entire cities overlooked. Nearly 300 million people, totally ignored.

People who could give you the insight you need to make better business decisions.

Are you happy only hearing from one third of MENA consumers?

If you want the whole story, switch to Sila, the only social understanding platform.

Following a truly collaborative and brand development process, with both verbal and visual tissue sessions, and the chance to deep dive into the research at an in person workshop at Sila HQ in Dubai, we landed on a superb new direction for the brand. Developing distinctive brand assets that were played out across their website, still and moving graphics for social, presentation decks, and more.

The Results

Engagement on Sila’s website is over 300% YoY (organic) based on our revised positioning, social engagement (organic) is 3x on the period before, and up 120% on LinkedIn. Conversions on the website are up 287% and pipeline value has increased 6x which has left us all pretty pleased with the response.

Paul Kelly, CEO & Founder, Sila

“Going on a branding and positioning journey with ...Gasp! was like setting sail into a sea of endless possibilities. Their creative prowess didn't just reposition our brand; it propelled us from D/A to Sila, encapsulating the essence of our innovative approach to AI and market insights. The team at ...Gasp! took the time to delve deep into the unique intricacies of our work. They crafted a brand narrative that echoes our dedication to bridging linguistic divides and bringing clarity to complex data, as well as creating a category for insights. ...Gasp! wasn't just about giving us a new look; they were instrumental in positioning Sila as the leading authority in Arabic-native AI technology. With their guidance, we've solidified our standing in the market, speaking confidently in a voice that is authentically ours. A heartfelt شكراً to the team at ...Gasp! for turning our vision into a vibrant reality.”

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