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The Brief

To develop a distinct and memorable brand campaign, anchored by extensive research, that will communicate their well-established, high quality, end-to-end B2C offering as a new B2B package in new territories.

We partnered with research titans CrowdDNA to explore TV culture and buying habits across four territories - Sweden, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Combining cultural and competitor analysis, internal stakeholder interviews and in-depth customer interviews to uncover the key drivers that would inform product strategy and brand positioning.

This extensive 3-month phase culminated in …Gasp! and CrowdDNA onsite with Zattoo at their HQ in Berlin to run an immersive implications workshop to get rooted in these invaluable insights.

Now it was time to put this knowledge into action.

Zattoo’s Head of B2B Marketing, Hanns Schempp, has wanted to work with us for a while (Chuffed) and is an avid listener to our Call To Action® podcast so we were delighted when we were approached with this brief. Their challenge is European growth fueled by an effective and distinct B2B brand campaign in a highly complex and competitive market. Their ultimate goal is to become the TV as-a-Service (TVaaS) partner of choice for ISPs and telcos who recognise the need to add value to their core offering through TV add-ons.

The Response

This rich understanding of a very complex and fragmented landscape landed on one underlying theme for the brand campaign; to win in polarised environments we needed to be decisive in our copy, bold in our creative but with a simple proposition at our core.

Partner with Europe’s only end-to-end, all-in-one IPTV platform.

Combine the best of what you do, with the best of what we do.

Some call it teamwork.

We call it streamwork.

Following a truly collaborative and spirited 8-week brand development process, with both verbal and visual tissue sessions with an extended team at Zattoo, we landed on an informed new direction for the European launch. Developing distinctive brand assets that were played out across landing pages, still and moving graphics for social, an ident plus sonic cue for digital content, podcast VO ads and a new talking heads “Stream if you wanna grow faster” video series for long term relationship building.

We were also delighted to hear the Zattoo team changed designs last minute to feature the new branding at the May Angacom conference in Germany. Some call that teamwork, we call it streamwork.

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The Results

A short, sharp 8-week media campaign in Sweden launched the new campaign and results are impressive. The LinkedIn campaign saw a steady stream of new clicks to the website every day, resulting in thousands new visitors, to a new product.

As podcast advertising is not directly attributable, we tracked search and increases in website traffic as a proxy for increased brand awareness.

In total, a 32.7% increase in new web traffic, plus a 23.45% increase in direct traffic and 20.83% increase in organic search in Sweden during the promotional period left us all pretty pleased with the response.

Benelux will be rolled out next.

Hanns Schempp, Head of B2B Marketing, Zattoo

“Our product has grown over more than a decade into a professional B2B offering, so we understood immediately that we needed help to create a distinctive brand experience to launch in new territories. ...Gasp! and their fantastic team helped us uncover where and how we could be a very different memorable voice, and created the campaigns needed to make it heard.”

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