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The Brief

Rouse wanted to do something special for Christmas to mark the 25th anniversary of their first office opening in London’s Docklands. Rouse pride themselves on being different and wanted an imaginative alternative to the typical Seasonal e-card, with their inspiration being the receipt of our very own Gasp Christmas card the previous year. (So, if there was ever a lesson in paying attention to detail in all your communications, this is it!)

Rouse is one of the world’s leading global IP consultancy firms that provides a full range of Intellectual Property services.

The Response

Their global growth and diverse office locations provided the essence of our idea, as we started work on an animated ‘Around the World in 80 seconds’.

A central globe turns clockwise against a split day/night background to create a day in the life of Rouse. When an office hits the break of day, a national flag and building iconic for that country appears on the globe. Pop up dialogue message boxes and tweets convey how there is always someone, somewhere in the world, working for you at Rouse. The globe rotates through 360 degrees as each country hits daytime, creating an engaging and ever-growing world of Rouse.

The illustration style stayed close to Rouse’s fresh and vibrant brand colour palette. Cultural sensitivities are important in corporate communications, and with some of the countries featured in the video not celebrating Christmas, we kept the festive imagery fun and minimalist.

The Results

The client absolutely loved the final animation! Pointing us to The Times law section where we found an absolutely glowing piece of praise in an article by Edward Fennell, the eminent legal journalist:

“I’ve been enchanted by Rouse’s seasonal e-card. They’ve produced a masterpiece in the form of a rotating globe highlighting where their offices are. It’s done the impossible and made it fun and informative.”

It’s hard to think of a better endorsement for an animation that we were all very proud of.

Catherine Bunyan, Senior Group Marketing Manager, Rouse

“Gasp’s very own imaginative Christmas card led us to them, and the resulting animation they created for our festive e-card was everything we hoped it would be and more! It truly was a celebration of our global diversity and scope, and encapsulates the ‘Rouse Difference’ of being more than just a law firm. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any business. Thanks again!”

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