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The Brief

McGraw-Hill Education asked us to design and artwork a suite of collateral for three distinct yet entwined campaigns: ‘Student Ambassadors’, ‘Back to Uni’ and ‘Advocacy’. We had to consider fonts, a colour palette and style framework to create impactful communications that were fit for the target audience and complimentary to the McGraw-Hill Education brand.

The Response

The designing of a light and fresh logo underpinned all of the collateral. A sketched style, very much in keeping with the positive environment of being at university, was accented with a hand-drawn smiley face and mortarboard to create a relaxed, fun and inviting aesthetic.

Confident that we had found a strong foundation, we applied it to the creation of a whole host of assets; from an animated web banner that became gradually over-laid with the new sketch style, to case study and biography templates for speakers at McGraw-Hill Education’s regular conferences.

Having impressed with our initial creativity and work ethic, we were later asked to support McGraw-Hill Education on the deliverables for their annual EMEA sales conference in Athens, which had to be turned around to meet a very tight deadline. We created an engaging and inspiring intro video for the conference attendees based on the concept of Grow, Inspire, Learn. We took the concept further to create the key visual and stylistic look and feel for the entire conference, weaving it through all of the collateral, such as an agenda booklet and pull up banner.

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The Results

All the assets we created across the three campaigns gave McGraw Hill Education an impactful and orchestrated consistency of message across a diverse suite of literature. Arguably the greatest testament to our work done was McGraw-Hill returning to us for the production of a highly evocative video and additional assets; giving them everything they needed to make their annual sales conference a great success.

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