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Jump Giants

Creating a Brand


The Brief

Our relationship started with Jump Giants at the company’s inception in 2014. Originally tasked with developing the logo, verbal and visual guidelines, Gasp has been retained by Jump Giants for the last 6 years to manage all of their marketing and PR activities, seeing the business grow from one to five parks in 2018.

The Response

Retained relationships afford us the chance to really get under the skin of a client and spend a lot of time with them. Together we shape the strategy for growth and together we overcome the challenges of low footfall, bad reviews and general malaise in visitors.

Our focus from Day 1 has been to build a brand that is truly distinctive from the plethora of grunge and graffiti that besets the industry. We opted for an American sports theme – bold, brave and instantly recognised and understood. Xtreme Air was scrapped, and Jump Giants was born. We’ve never looked back.

To their credit, the client fully immersed themselves in the brand welcoming a 10ft ‘JG’ bear mascot in 2017 who makes special appearances at each park, events and regularly records YouTube videos for a few hundred thousand viewers.

Today, we work on quarterly plans throughout the year, supporting each park individually depending on its specific demographics, pain points and successes. We’ve launched every park, managed every new development on the website and continue to push the boundaries of advertising, social and in-store campaigns for them.

Known globally as the UK & Europe’s Best Adventure Parks, Jump Giants opened in Essex in May 2015.

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The Results

There are so many stand out successes for Jump Giants, it’s hard to know where to start so we’ll let the pictures do the talking. We measure every campaign to understand its success and use this intelligence to refine and improve what we do. Month to month we manage social platforms, run competitions, create new content and encourage audience engagement. We run Google Ad campaigns for all parks and ensure there is always something happening at each location. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and review our performance every 6 months. We never sit still!

Julian Henton, Managing Director, Jump Giants

“Gasp helped launch our business way beyond our targets. From the design and implementation of our branding and logo, to the ongoing strategy and planning, they have proved to me that they know the best way to move companies forward. I never hesitate to take their advice and direction. Thanks again and carry on the great work!”

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