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Joseph Swims

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The Brief

Joseph’s school was an existing client of ours, and it was whilst checking over their website that we chanced across a blog telling the tale of this extraordinary boy and his charity 21-mile cross-channel swim (undertaken in the safety of a swimming pool). Motivated by a desire to aid Syrian refugee children, he had already completed half of his epic charity swim when Gasp offered assistance. We felt such efforts were deserving of much more attention and donations.

The Response

After meeting at Gasp HQ, we were inspired by Joseph’s favourite drink and so created the ultimate ’21 Mile’ chocolate milkshake in his honour. We knew the perfect partner to help us; the independent Wokingham cafe Oslar. They are renowned for continuously doing charity work in the community, and were delighted to help create the shake and donate the sale proceeds to Joseph’s fundraising effort.

The ’21 mile’ shake (a specially created blend of Zuma chocolate, Guernsey ice cream, fresh Guernsey milk, whipped cream and popping candy), was launched in Wokingham, with banners in the market square, posters, local press attendance and teams of promoters handing out balloons and stickers – all encouraging people to try the new shake and support Joseph. We also used social media and PR to engage a wider audience, which generated fantastic press coverage and a steady stream of donations.

Illustrator Rob Anderson, a long-time collaborator, helped us create the Joseph superhero character free of charge.

The Results

By the end of the promotion, Joseph had raised just over £3,000 (tripling his original target of £1,000). Further donations continued to pour in as a result of both the regional press and the national media coverage, including Sky News and a London Tonight interview.

Everyone involved in the project, including Gasp, gladly offered their assistance for free, as it was such a fun project and great cause. After such outstanding efforts from one young boy, the charity Hand in Hand for Syria arranged for Joseph and his family to fly out to Syria, where they helped with the aid effort and could see the fruits of their huge labours.

Joseph, Joseph Swims

“Thank you so much for all your hard work, creativity and enthusiasm. What you did for Joseph and Hand in Hand for Syria was absolutely amazing!”

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