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Haiti Hospital Appeal

PR & Social Campaign


The Brief

In March 2014, HHA patron Laura Carmichael offered a once in a lifetime experience for Downton Abbey fans, to spend the weekend with her on-set and in London. The aim; to raise money and awareness for this noble cause.

Our job was to reach as many people, as quickly and (crucially) as cost effectively as possible. Thereby driving donations via Omaze; a website that enables transformational experiences to be open to everyone, rather than those with the deepest pockets.

The Response

Just give us 4 days. In 4 days we set up a Facebook advertising campaign open to all Downton Abbey Fans in the most popular territories – the UK, China, Australia and N. America. We posted, boosted, shared and started conversations on more than 40 social sites, fan sites, blogs and forums and contacted 15 international newspapers, magazines and media groups. All with the single-minded intention to drive traffic and donations to the HHA page on Omaze in the first week of the campaign launch.

Since 2006, HHA has worked alongside the Haitain Government and grass roots partners to provide accessible, quality healthcare to some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

The Results

The total campaign cost just over £3,000. With a potential global reach of 1.8million and free media space worth £21,000, we think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty extraordinary result.

The Facebook campaign smashed all expectations, on top of this, our media outreach concluded in FREE coverage in the Guardian, The Observer and 3 placements in the New York Post. In that first week, donations totalling more than £15,000 came flooding in and that was before any advertising was published!

Carwyn Hill, Director, Haiti Hospital Appeal

“Gasp ran a really clever and well-planned campaign. Maximising our modest budget and utilising their network to secure global press coverage, an unexpected and welcome boost with which we’re delighted.”

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