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02nd November 2023

Tara Austin

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This week, darling, we dangled a bit of Bolly to lure and ensnare the Absolutely Fabulous, Tara Austin.

Behavioural science leader, Nudgestock host, and Rory Sutherland wrangler, Tara’s been on the frontline of the applied B.S. revolution for over a decade. More recently she’s turned ‘psychedelic evangelist’, lobbying to change the UK's approach to magic mushrooms.

Tara talks to us on attempting to model herself on Ab Fab’s Patsy, ringing up Scottish farmers to chat anaerobic digestate, being at the basecamp of behavioural science, Ogilvy, Rory, combining Pimms with spicy food, painting babies faces on shop shutters (h/t Nicole Yershon), her favourite Nudgestock memories, her time at 10 Downing Street, psilocybin, the stoned ape hypothesis, finding hope in the form of a mushroom, and tons more.

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Take action for psilocybin access rights through PAR

And, of course, check out the world's biggest festival of behavioural science and creativity; Nudgestock

Including these talks from the archives:

Andrew Sheerin's talk 'The Persuasive Power Of Play' from 2017

Dave Trott’s talk ‘Complexity Kills Creativity’ from 2016

Dr Paul Zak’s talk ‘Messiness in the brain’ from 2023


(02:02) - Quick fire questions

(03:14) - First jobs, cleaning up bodily fluids and why menial jobs are a worthy experience for any young person

(06:19) - How Ab Fab inspired her career and whether she’s more Eddie or Patsy

(08:16) - Getting into behavioural science, Rory Sutherland, and the market opportunity to pair Pimms with spicy food

(12:37) - Painting babies faces on shop shutters after the London riots

(17:40) - Favourite Nudgestock talks from the archives (cc Dave Trott, Andrew Sheerin, Paul Zak)

(26:03) - Advocating for psilocybin, the stoned ape hypothesis, and the bouba and kiki effect

(34:33) - Campaigning for PAR, Project Croydon, and why hope exists in the form of a mushroom

(49:04) - Listener questions

(54:18) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

The Righteous Mind

Jonathan Haidt

Falling in Love with Where You Are

Jeff Foster

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