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Event Audience Acquisition


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The Brief

The UK team needed to contribute 200 event attendees to Zenith Live 2019; Zscaler’s Cloud Summit in Lisbon, Portugal and they needed our help to achieve their numbers. We needed a standout invitation for existing UK customers and prospects to get them to attend. But we had little time, little money and no final agenda!

The Response

High impact, low cost = A personalised branded plane ticket DM with a unique code (flight number). Sending the recipient to a dedicated landing page where they can enter their unique ‘flight number’ to either receive a further 25% discount off the early bird ticket price or the ultimate prize of a free ticket.

The professional look of the piece and the ability to make it feel unique and personalised whilst opening up the offer to everyone to maximise update was a master stroke if we do say so ourselves!

The Results

Entering the flight number meant we could track all of the engagement received by the campaign and follow initial interest through to registrations. The client was so pleased with 3.4% UK uptake that they rolled the campaign out across Europe where results were even stronger at 4%.

Whilst these numbers may seem low, we were getting recipients to agree to an event that was to be paid for, across 3 days and less than 3 months away so we were all really delighted to see that our strategy paid off. Typical DM response rates are approx. 2%.

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