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Lead Generation


The Brief

Drive consideration and awareness for Swiss Post Solutions and generate qualified leads, with a target of 20-30 meetings in 2019. Key messaging around Digital Transformation for the Rail sector. Targeting COOs, CIOs and C-Suite -1 of UK companies.

Swiss Post Solutions is a global full-service provider in document management.

The Response

Have been awarded the work we couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Our first job was a research project to really get under the skin of our target audience. Utilising our YouGov partnership we were able to understand their demographics, brand usage, social media activity, media consumption, digital behaviour and attitudes and opinions.

This helped us craft compelling message for our DM pilot, a cardboard engineered ‘1 ton’ weight box – conveying the message of inefficiency and paper weighing them down.

This immediate wow factor was backed up by a Maltese cross brochure with messaging and case studies relevant to the pain points of the different job titles receiving the piece. Recipients were then directed to various rich landing pages that gave them a wealth of supporting information from SPS to help their fact finding.

A campaign on LinkedIn email and telemarketing completed the strategy.

The Results

As with any pilot, the intention is to continually improve and refine. Due to the seniority of the recipients, the qualifying time has taken far longer than anticipated and so more time needs to be given for generating ROI. Recall sits at 93% which shows the creative delivered cut through and significantly raised awareness of the brand. At present, 4 qualified leads have been generated but conversations continue.

The partnership with the team at Swiss Post Solutions has worked extremely well and we are now managing a number of Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns and discussing multiple projects to kick off in the coming months. More case studies to follow!

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