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The Brief

Vocality wanted us to create compelling new messaging that re-enforced both the credibility of the brand and the quality of the service, whilst also creating consistency and brand alignment across all communications.

The Response

Regardless of industry, 90% of what you do is the same as your competition. It’s the remaining 10% that’s unique to you. For Vocality, it is their distinctly British traits that give them stand out. We explored Britain’s heritage of inspiring leaders and pioneers, and struck on these rich roots for the new tone of voice. We took inspiration specifically from Winston Churchill, for his leadership, but also for his great philosophy and use of words.

He believed in strong, clear and robust communications. We concentrated on short sentences of simple, powerful and emotive words. The new tone of voice was one of empowerment, intelligence and reassurance, with the elevator pitch leading the way for all brand language:

In the farthest corners of the world, we enhance voices with innovative technologies.

A set of brand guidelines were created to address the consistency and alignment needs, exploring a new logo device to own their collateral more firmly, iconography, typography guidance and a fresher colour palette.

All of this was then applied to Vocality’s mission critical documentation assets; a whole suite of new collateral that included a product portfolio brochure, service brochure, investor brochure, case studies, white paper and PowerPoint deck.

Some of the world’s most critical communications rely on Vocality’s products and services, meaning they have a global client base of the highest order, including Presidents, United Nations and international broadcasters.

The Results

We gave Vocality a voice and a vision to underpin all of its communications. The team were so pleased the entire rebrand was completed in under 4 weeks as they were so desperate to show their new face to the world.

In the words of Winston: “All the greatest things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honour; duty; mercy; hope.”

Our word: Victory.

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