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Event Audience Acquisition


The Brief

Secure attendance at two half-day, paid for events in Glasgow and Dublin next March.

20 new prospects in the Infrastructure, Datacentre, Architect, Cloud, Dev Ops space (industry neutral) per event.

The Response

A tiered lead generation campaign, casting a wide net to not only secure bookings for the two events but further brand recognition and awareness.

We tapped into our UK wide database of more than 4,000 contacts relevant to the campaign and divided our outreach into 3 tiers of importance and value.

Our top tier of 500 received a personalised direct mail piece. Delivered in stand-out packaging, an attractive box opened to reveal a personalised VIP pass and lanyard for the event. Underneath, a concertina leaflet highlights speakers and topics and compelling reasons to secure a space.

Nutanix is a cloud computing software company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure appliances and software-defined storage.

The middle tier of 1,000 contacts received a personalised letter from the appointed sales contact. Attractively designed headed paper, printed on bond stock with UV finish was sent in premium Kraft envelopes.

The third tier received a plain text email. All streams of activity had a number of touch points built in including some telemarketing and email to garner interest and recall. We also supported the Nutanix team with social posts and follow up recommendations. All engagement redirected to their own event website to manage registrations and further information.

The Results

Overall the campaign did fantastically well. We ended up with 53 registrations for Dublin, nearly three times our target. Glasgow was a much tougher nut to crack and we secured 12 of the hoped for 20 registrations. Combined, we over-achieved our target by more than 50% and the events were a huge success, the client was suitably thrilled! So much so they are continuing the following year with a third location and date added to the programme.

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