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New Product Launch for UK Market

The Brief

Nicoccino is an established brand in Europe, but was keen to increase growth in the UK market, with low levels of customer retention being a particular problem. A key element to this was the hot sensation experienced when taking the product; this was turning the consumer off and was fundamentally misunderstood. As the UK market is distinctly different to the rest of Europe, we had to re-position a brand and product that had a great proposition (empowering and liberating) but lacked the strategy to deliver. In order to secure further funding for the product, a strong proof of concept was required, all of which needed to be traversed within an ever-intensifying regulatory landscape for nicotine containing products.

Nicoccino is a progressive Swedish company who invested over 10 years of research into inventing a tobacco free, pure nicotine film as an alternative to smoking and vaping.

The Response

A complete re-working of the existing branding was the starting point of a six-month strategic programme. The very clinical, apologetic and discreet branding was suitable for Sweden, but it just didn’t work for the UK market; neither visually nor in terms of brand language. We produced a crucial Tone of Voice guide that redefined Nicoccino in brave, bold, and proud tones, whilst we developed an international feel with a new suite of product photography to elevate the brand visually.

The fundamental cornerstone of our proposition was; “A Hot Shot of Pure Nicotine Pleasure That Can be Enjoyed Anytime, Anywhere,” enabling the brand to immediately address the hot sensation in positive tones; it was to be expected and enjoyed. Further customer insight led to us re-positioning Nicoccino as a liberating lifestyle product for adventurous professionals who are always on the move and often in places where smoking/vaping is not possible. We crafted language that contained a power and intensity that embodied the product, whilst also having echoes of having a coffee; something millions of people do everyday, everywhere, uninhibited.

We now had a strong and consistent message that needed to be seen and heard. We knew our target audience would be found in locations such as large cities, train stations, airports and office complexes, so we devised a broad range of tactical campaigns to test the market. Our largest campaign was rolling out the product nationwide in WHSmith stores. With a strong focus on shops in travel hubs, we created impactful and fit for purpose in-store branding, as well as educational literature for staff.

It was all about driving product off the shelf, and it had to dovetail with the large-scale, above the line advertising campaign that was running in tandem, including billboard advertising in iconic London train stations such as Victoria and Charing Cross. Nothing was ruled out and nothing was out of bounds. It was this philosophy that led to us creating some exceptionally innovative clean and rain-activated ads that created intrigue and talk on the streets of London, targeting high footfall areas.

A programmatic mobile ad campaign ran alongside the outdoor advertising, providing huge reach and giving Nicoccino access to audiences on a massive scale. These audiences were targeted based on proximity to stores, travel hubs and the identified demographic from our customer insight.

But we didn’t stop there, as events and trade relationships were also explored. The stand out event was Dusk till Dawn; a provocative ‘Steam Punk’ themed evening that was the epitome of liberation and enjoyment. On the trade side, Nicoccino had secured a listing with the niche yet highly respected and prestigious tobacco product retailers, Gawith Hoggarth, for whom we provided a full suite of collateral and sales kits.

The Results

Meaningful ROI for Niccocino was increased sales, and between 2015 and 2016, sales went up by an impressive 161%. The product continues in organic growth, in WHSmith and other offline avenues of trade, whilst compelling conversations with the consumer around the product were also generated, as born out by our mobile campaign achieving over 18.5k of engagements, with particular traction amongst Millennials.

The success of our increased brand awareness is arguably best shown by the genuine and authentic celebrity endorsement Nicoccino received from Lady Victoria Hervey, who was regularly posting to her social media accounts on how the product had become integral to her jet-set lifestyle.

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