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19th May 2022

Rob Mayhew

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This week, we’ve laid 57 varieties of bait to snare Salad Cream sommelier and TikTok star, Rob Mayhew, for a chinwag.

Currently Head of Influence at Fleishman Hillard, Rob has over 20 years’ experience working at some of London’s top agencies with big brands like McVities, Krispy Kreme, and Lacoste. His sketches send Jenny’s, Gavin’s, and Tara’s across agency land into hysterics by holding up a mirror to our decidedly dumb behaviours.

Rob talks to us on a ton of topics, including being a salad cream superfan, the comedian Jessica Kirson, booking a meeting room to nap, what he loves about TikTok, how to grow on LinkedIn, his sketches as a love letter to the industry, enthusiasm, why every workplace needs a Becky and a whole lot more. Get stuck in.

*Seriously Heinz. Give this man the pale, yellow, emulsified brand deal he deserves, pronto.

Follow Rob on TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram

He gets his awesome jumpers from Rowing Blazers

Check out comedian Jessica Kirson

And hold onto your spaghetti hoops, here’s the infamous Instagram account @ohmybeiges

Rob’s a big fan of Call to Action alumni Zoe Scaman and Vikki Ross. Check out the talks they kindly donated to ISOLATED Talks here:

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(02:44) - Quickfire questions

(03:37) - An ode to Salad Cream

(08:57) - First-ever job

(12:00) - His role at Fleishman Hillard

(15:19) - Why he loves TikTok

(19:14) - TikTok versus Stand-Up

(22:38) - How to win at LinkedIn

(30:54) - His love letter to the industry

(38:49) - Where he gets his jumpers

(39:37) - Real-life Rob versus TikTok Rob

(49:46) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Eating the Big Fish

Adam Morgan

Easily Distracted

Steve Coogan

Sick in the Head

Judd Apatow

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