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01st February 2024

Richard Shotton

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Go, Shotton, it’s our birthday, we gon’ podcast like it’s our birthday. This week, we claimed that 50 Cent is better than 49 Cent to coax out and catch a man who knows his onions on the ‘left hand digit effect’; Richard Shotton.

In February 2019, Richard agreed to be our inaugural guest to launch the Call to Action® podcast. Almost exactly 5 years, 343309 listens (or 686618 ears), and 1 book better, we're snaring him for a second, celebratory episode to mark the occasion.

Drawing on academic research, previous ad campaigns, and his own original field studies, Richard is the best in the business when it comes to improving marketing with findings from behavioural science. His brace of best-selling books, The Choice Factory and The Illusion of Choice, are practical guides on how any business can use behavioural biases to win customers and sell more stuff.

He chinwags to us on dressing up as Mr Blobby, second album syndrome, why ‘muscular gentleman’ is more memorable than ‘common fate’, rejecting dubious papers (not the whole field), the IKEA effect, Rory Sutherland and The World of Jam, tips to sell more champagne, releasing the handbrake vs pushing the accelerator, how to make your ad more believable, why Giles is scared of Jollibee, and loads more. You’d be a fool not to fill your ear canals up.

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The Choice Factory

The Illusion of Choice


(02:02) - Quick fire questions

(04:45) - Second album syndrome and writing The Illusion of Choice

(07:26) - Why marketers should always use concrete words

(12:20) - Richard’s response to behavioural science critics

(17:05) - Choice paralysis and the importance of context

(19:08) - The IKEA effect

(23:08 ) - ‘Press for champagne’ and why marketers should weigh up appeal vs friction

(28:00) - Should ads use more rhyme and humour?

(33:00) - Quick wins for marketers looking to wield the powers of behavioural science

(42:00) - Listener questions

(50:10) - 4 pertinent posers

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Rory Sutherland

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