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03rd June 2022

Rich Kirk

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Health and Safety went ballistic when they got wind of this week’s guest being both a Blades fan and one of the sharpest strategic minds in media. Safety goggles on folks, it’s Rich Kirk.

Rich is currently Chief Strategy Officer at Zenith UK. Named the UK’s second-best media planner in 2021 by Campaign, Rich, like Avis, clearly tries harder, contributing to Zenith winning work from Lloyds, Halifax, Uswitch, Confused, Zoopla, and Nestle last year.

This episode covers a sharp showdown (Billy vs Byron), his early interest in how stuff got sold, the volatile and ever-changing media market, media planning’s pandemic shake-up, how on earth you quantify reach, risk, the world cup, corporate inertia, word soup, and more. Open your ears and let the smarts pour in.

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(01:53) - Quick-fire questions

(03:37) - First-ever job & getting into Google Ads

(13:04) - The volatile media market

(19:15) - How the pandemic shook up media planning

(26:01) - Quantifying effective reach

(36:19) - Why media planners should get excited about FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

(42:29) - The barriers to clients taking on the best strategy

(49:43) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Changing the World Is the Only Fit Work for a Grown Man

Steve Harrison

Management in 10 Words

Terry Leahy

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