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24th February 2022

Prof. Karen Nelson-Field

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We stuck a fake shark fin on our back and lurked in the waters off Adelaide to catch the attention of one of the industry’s most respected researchers, Prof. Karen Nelson-Field, this week.

Hell-bent on fighting the broken media ecosystem as founder and CEO at Amplified Intelligence, Karen is also an author and alumni of the world-renowned Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. When she’s not binge-watching Home & Away (yes, she’s still a fan), Karen’s research into the measurement of attention has made her a global authority on media effectiveness.

Tune in to a show packed like sardines in a tin, as Karen talks on her 10 years at Ehrenberg-Bass, skateboarding cats, myth-busting Facebook likes, going viral, seeing dead people patterns, why attention is an important metric, how to measure it, and more.

And strap in as Karen finally answers the red-hot question of whether our attention spans really are becoming shorter than a goldfi-

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And, Karen kindly dedicates this episode to the bullshit-detecting bulldog himself, Bob Hoffman.

Guest's Reading List

Viral Marketing

Karen-Nelson Field PhD

The Attention Economy and How Media Works

Karen-Nelson Field PhD

Play Bigger

Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead & Kevin Maney

That Will Never Work

Marc Randolph

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