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06th April 2023

Matt Watkinson 2

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This week, we tracked a trail from Tilehurst to Tinseltown to catch one of Reading’s finest exports, Matt Watkinson, where he was, and remains, in LA.

An internationally renowned author, speaker to a whole host of brands, and consultant on all things CX, product and business, Matt’s latest tome, Mastering Uncertainty, explores and advises how to turn this inherent source of anxiety into an advantage.

3 years and almost 100 episodes since his first Call To Action chinwag, Matt talks through a ton of topics; his new book, the fertile void of COVID, piling rice one grain at a time, Rafael Nadal, serendipity, luck surface area, fear of failure, affordable loss, asking yourself ‘what’s my downside?’, Hungarian expletives, and a treasure trove more.

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Here’s his website (“idiotic” side projects included)

Check out his three books: Mastering Uncertainty, The Grid, and The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences

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(03:30) - Quick fire questions

(05:00) - Why he wrote Mastering Uncertainty

(12:13) - The trivial beginnings of most life-changing events

(17:39) - Trying to get to certainty before you act is a waste of time

(26:43) - Luck vs serendipity

(30:00) - Fear of failure and uncertainty

(41:28) - The concept of affordable loss

(47:28) - What’s my downside?

(50:09) - Listener questions

(01:01:58) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Accelerating Excellence

James A. King

Gap Selling


The Creative Act

Rick Rubin

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