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10th August 2022

Marc Lewis

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Lots of girls and lots of boys, lots of smells and lots of noise, playing football in the park, we caught baggy trousered Marc. We’ve snared the Dean of the world’s most awarded ad school, Marc Lewis, for an hour of masterly Madness.

A seriously impressive creative mind perched atop the industry’s finest pantaloons, Marc is the man at the helm of School of Communication Arts. He’s dead set on delivering the very best creative education to the very best talent, endeavouring to have at least one-third of their students on scholarships.

Point your ears this way as Marc talks Tango Orange Man, getting expelled and fired, his scholarship to SCA, Ferraris, reciprocity, reopening SCA, an exclusive scoop on the future of SCA, social mobility, stopping charity shop shoplifters, unpacking diversity, inspiring creativity, self-tanning chocolate bars, gratitude, why Steve Harrison is our industry’s Plato and a whole lot more.

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(02:20) - Quick fire questions

(05:07) - First ever job

(06:58) - Being an outlier (and why that got him expelled and fired)

(08:20) - Getting a scholarship to SCA

(13:32) - Reopening SCA in 2010

(14:40) - Reciprocity is one of the most powerful things in the world

(17:45) - An exclusive on the future of SCA

(23:14) - Our industry jumping on the bandwagon of diversity

(30:22) - Inspiring creativity in the school

(33:48) - Listener Questions from Matt Sibley and Dave Birss

(34:08) - Importance of practicing gratitude

(43:26) - 4 Pertinent Posers

Guest's Reading List

Ideas: A History from Fire to Freud

Peter Watson

Watching the English

Kate Fox

Made to Stick

Chip and Dan Heath

All of Steve Harrison's books

Steve Harrison

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