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21st September 2023

Mark Earls

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This week, we followed the HERDmeister to find and catch behavioural science buff, Mark Earls.

Dubbed by DO Lectures as “Britain’s answer to Malcolm Gladwell…without the hair”, Mark is a prolific thinker, recovering account planner and best-selling writer.

We shoot the breeze on the intimidatingly smart Paul Feldwick, being public enemy no. 1 in the eyes of market research, why we’re not individuals, copying, learning Welsh, what he’s optimistic about in the industry and tons more. In fact, we had to stop and reload a few times to take aim at bollocks brain scans and infantilising the creative genius, before wrangling a stampede of listener questions. What an episode.

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(01:48) - Quick fire questions

(02:44) - First jobs, being a tour guide and working with Paul Feldwick

(08:38) - Becoming a behavioural science geek (aka becoming HERDmeister)

(17:17) - Why we’re wrong to think of ourselves as individuals

(22:00) - Stop overlooking the influence of culture

(36:32) - Copying and the value of creative triage

(48:13) - A shed load of listener questions

(53:50) - Why brain scans are bollocks

(1:07:07) - How being a lover of both language and languages helps him understand people, communication and culture (cc Lisl Macdonald)

(1:31:12) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Why the Germans Do it Better

John Kampfner

The Invention of Tradition

Eric Hobsbawn


Geoffrey Pearson

From the Diary of a Snail

Günter Grass

The Dawn of Everything

David Graeber

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