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23rd March 2023

Jenni Romaniuk 2

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This week, we opened wide and said 'aaaah-nd welcome back' as we once again caught Better Brand Health author, Jenni Romaniuk.

Research Professor and Associate Director at that conveyer belt of marketing minds, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Jenni has advised many of the world’s biggest brands and authored what’s now a trilogy of true industry bibles.

3 years and 1 new book better, we snared Jenni for a second Call To Action chinwag on penning Better Brand Health, pomegranate trees, marketer’s frustrations around brand tracking, shiny new metrics, brand rejection, attributes, memory, charming condiments, healthy cars, a rant on Net Promoter Score, $3 hot dogs, a salacious soft p*rn novel, and a quick fire question she answered with a third alternative which was to gouge her eyes out with a spoon...

If you haven’t already, you’d be a fool not to fill your ear canals up with Jenni’s first cameo on Call To Action, here.

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Get your grubby mitts on a copy of Better Brand Health

Here’s Jenni’s other two brilliant books; Building Distinctive Brand Assets and How Brands Grow 2

And enjoy her current favourite ad, Go A Moe’s, if you’re after a serious earworm (or $3 hot dog)

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(01:54) - Quick fire questions

(05:00) - Why she wrote Better Brand Health

(11:32) - The frustration marketers feel with brand tracking

(15:17) - Chasing shiny new metrics

(18:09) - Is tracking brand health easier than we assume?

(20:53) - A lesson on brand rejection

(25:43) - Is there a case for not tracking brand health?

(29:01) - Attributes and memory

(40:22) - Listener questions

(50:50) - 4 pertinent posers

(55:40) - The salacious soft p*rn version of Better Brand Health

Guest's Reading List

Slow Horses

Mick Herron

A Scandalous Life

Mary S. Lovell

The Meaning of It All

Richard Feynman

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