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11th June 2020

Jenni Romaniuk

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We’ve cast a net off the coast of Adelaide this week to catch one of the globe’s greatest researchers and Sci-Fi fans, Jenni Romaniuk. Jenni is Research Professor and Associate Director (International) at that conveyor belt of marketing stars, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, where she has advised many of the world’s biggest brands.

She is the author of two must-read books; Building Distinctive Brand Assets and How Brands Grow Part 2, co-authoring the latter with industry legend Professor Byron Sharp, as well as being an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker at global industry conferences.

She chinwags to us on her first job as a talented mixologist in a football club bar making fruit cups, her two books, how to build mental availability, best practices for managing and measuring distinctive brand assets, and tonnes more. You’d be a fool not to fill your ear canals up.

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Check out her two books:

Building Distinctive Brand Assets

How Brands Grow Part 2

Here is the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s website

Guest's Reading List

Building Distinctive Brand Assets

Jenni Romaniuk

How Brands Grow Part 2

Jenni Romaniuk & Byron Sharp

A Scandalous Life

Mary S. Lovell

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