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04th May 2023

Greg Hahn

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This week, we said pspspsps to tempt and catch the cat man behind US Ad Agency of the Year, Mischief, Greg Hahn.

Dubbed a “legend who deserved to be a legend” by George Tannenbaum, Greg has produced creative work that works for decades, winning pretty much every award in the ad land arsenal in the process. But, more importantly than that, he’s one of our most important industry voices, talking the talk as Mischief walks the walk.

He talks to us on his first job knocking on stranger's doors, why he sacked off journalism, cutting his teeth in print and out-of-home, how to deal with the pressure to perform, saying no to work, bringing the joy back to ad land, why his agency Mischief meows, finding the most interesting problem, the story behind Tubi’s Super Bowl hijack, 80s hair metal, and more.

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Here’s why Mischief meows

And make sure to watch that Tubi Interface Interruption Super Bowl ad


(01:45) - Quick fire questions

(02:43) - First-ever jobs

(07:55) - Cutting his teeth in print and OOH

(12:25) - Why he says no to work

(13:59) - Bringing the joy back

(17:14) - Why Mischief is a brand not just an agency

(22:26) - Don’t bark, meow

(29:59) - Listener questions

(33:15) - Tubi Super Bowl hijack

(37:11) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle


Rory Sutherland

The Creative Act

Rick Rubin

Hit Makers

Derek Thompson

Nothin But a Good Time

Richard Bienstock and Tom Beaujour

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