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01st June 2023

David Moore

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This week we’re leading the frontline charge against agencies not advertising themselves by catching and conscribing long-serving ad man, David Moore.

A creative director and copywriter living in the land of beef and corn, he’s written ads for dog wormers, mainframe computer channel extenders, and $1000 dollar steaks. He even named the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world.

Lauded on LinkedIn for sharing ads for advertising agencies, David is dead set on reminding us all that agencies have an obligation to advertise themselves, yet inexplicably few do.

Lend us your ears for a caffeine-fuelled chinwag on writing 500 TV commercials in 3 years, why agencies won’t advertise themselves, winning and losing a client in 24 hours, how to retain creative talent when your clients aren't big sexy brands, cover songs, why you shouldn’t be afraid to lean on precedent, and a shed load more. Plus, Giles somehow manages to crowbar in Richard Cheese.

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Here’s Kingswood and Palmerston

And David swears by the One Show annuals


(01:47) - Quick fire questions

(03:03) - His first-ever job as a photographer

(06:44) - Writing 500 TV commercials in 3 years

(11:03) - What he’s learned from wearing practically all the agency hats

(14:38) - Why aren’t ad agencies advertising themselves?

(15:44) - The Four Horsemen of the “Adpocalypse”

(22:40) - Should your ad agency hire an ad agency?

(24:35) - What hiring a consultant can do for your business

(32:16) - Just because it’s not the way you’d do it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong

(35:18) - The connection between cover songs and advertising

(39:35) - Listener questions from Derek Walker, Carolyn Barclay, and Jake Sanders

(48:07) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Where the Suckers Moon

Randall Rothenberg

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson

A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters

Dan Nelken

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