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13th June 2024

Carolyn McMurray and Em Goodier

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This week, we ate and left no some crumbs to lure and catch GEN-Z copywriters, Carolyn McMurray and Em Goodier.

Co-founders of Word Tonic, the world’s first GEN-Z copywriting community, Carolyn and Em are hell-bent on helping and inspiring more young people to write for a living. Driven directly by young copywriters, it's a space to connect, share advice and learn from both each other and in masterclasses with the world's most noticeable brands like Disney and Google.

With over 700 GEN-Z copywriters involved, they’re growing so fast they’ve got brands reaching out to recruit fresh, emerging talent straight from the community.

We spill the tea (we’ll stop now) on embracing chaos in your career, building a community as an introvert, why research matters before a GEN-Z marketing effort, flexibility, mentorship, wanky creative directors, creating a diverse and inclusive community, short-term echo chambers, listener questions from Vikki Ross, Dave Harland, Thomas Kemeny and Andrew Boulton, boyfriend dedications, and loads more*.

*including a World Cup of GEN-Z words designed solely to get Giles to say “yeet”, “bussin”, and “vibe check”.

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And check out one of Carolyn’s recommendation; Farnam Street


(01:47) - World Cup of GEN-Z Words

(03:31) - Early (chaotic) career paths; from Costa Coffee and cleaning to copywriting

(12:31) - How Word Tonic started, the recruitment side, and why you should join

(22:46) - How to nail GEN-Z marketing efforts

(31:31) - Listener questions

(40:51) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List


Thomas Kemeny

Hey Whipple Squeeze This

Luke Sullivan


Vladimir Nabokov

A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters

Dan Nelken

The Girl With All The Gifts

M.R. Carey

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