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13th October 2021

Andrew Boulton

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All it took was a curly-wurly and a whiff of Hooblahoo to snare bumbling, bestselling author Andrew Boulton, this week.

A senior lecturer on copywriting and creative advertising at the University of Lincoln, Andrew has over a decade’s scribbling experience writing for big brands, tiny brands, and even a man who carved dolphins out of cheese.

Andrew talks to us on tonnes of topics, including being robbed by Roy Keane, teaching, why copywriting makes you a better creative writer, Umbongo, a cartoon toilet brush, his terrible radio play, wandering, words with no consonants, the inspiration behind Adele Writes an Ad, and a whole lot more. You’d be a fool not to let us bend your ear ‘ere.

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Here’s his column for The Drum

His book Adele Writes an Ad might be just the thing for ad parents struggling to explain what they do to their children

There’s also a free audiobook version narrated by gem Higgins

And for a glimpse into what life as a copywriter is like, here’s Copywriting Is

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