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Brand Workshop

Throw out the generic. Elicit your unique.

Have you heard your own story so much you’re blinded to its soul? Need to clarify your messaging? Unite your team around a common purpose? Define your differentiation? Tackle these challenges and get your team aligned with one of our Brand Workshops.

In the words of the genius Dave Trott, “Don’t tell me you’re a comedian, make me laugh”
So, what are you all about? And why should anyone care?

That’s certainly a pair of penetrating questions when we’ve only just met, but that’s why they sit at the heart of our brand workshop.

Yes, you can reel off your core values and elevator pitch without hesitation, but what do they actually mean? Where did they come from? Are they truly what you currently stand for?

It’s possible you can’t see the wood for the trees, as the saying goes. So you need a fresh point of view, and maybe an incisive chainsaw.

We’ll offer our expertise and opinion to help you with your brand challenges, but ultimately it will be you and your team that sow the seeds of a stonking new brand. We are but the gurus who show you the path.


Gasp’s collective experiences allow us to tackle any of your strategic brand challenges. Whether you are a start-up, or a large corporate behemoth, our workshop is perfect if you need to:

• Redefine and clarify your Vision, Mission and core Values
• Give your brand personality some new clobber and a refresh
• Create Differentiation. “Me too” is not memorable
• Reposition your brand and attract a new market
• Create compelling and consistent messaging
• Produce a strategic brand plan


Each Workshop is run by at least one of the vastly experienced Gasp founders, Giles and Sophie Edwards. We can host at our lovely offices in Wokingham, or pop over to yours, or even find a neutral location if it suits. While the end goal is vitally important, as with everything we do at Gasp, we make our tailored workshops fun, with creative exercises and meaningful debate.

To give you a bit more of an idea of what you can expect:


We’ll have a good dig to learn about your core business, industry, audience, goals, challenges, and history, so we’re well equipped on the day of the workshop to lead you. We’ll also collect a vast array of imagery, branding and copy from other companies and industries that you may not even think are remotely relevant to you, as a fundamental part of one of our key exercises. Intriguing, no?


We aim to create a fun, creative and imaginative environment for you to discover and pin down what your brand is. But there is method to it.

Having defined your brand purpose, and found your guiding idea, it’s all about working towards and creating what we call your ‘messaging house’.

This is made up of the key foundations of brand Vision, Mission and Values, from which we build your brand pillars.

It’s here that we define your brand personality & tone, a key characteristic of which is brand differentiation. You need your own, intriguing, compelling story. We want to create a brand you are proud to shout about, that people love, and sticks in the memory.


So, we’ve come up with all these great ideas, most of them scribbled down on a flip chart in Giles’ dubious handwriting, but what then?

We pack you off, pockets loaded with the left over sandwiches for the trip home, then set to work. The knowledge, insights and great ideas we all come up with together are encapsulated in the messaging house; we create a polished version of each element to build a formal brand positioning framework that captures the essence of your brand. Yet we don’t consider this to be something set in stone. All good brands, whilst having consistency, have agility and an ability to adapt.

All this leaves you with a strategic document that everyone is in consensus with, and is a great foundation to take your exciting brand into the future, and into fresh market share.

Ready to book a workshop? Then now’s the time to get in touch. Call us on 0118 9797000 or email [email protected]
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