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07th January 2021

Tommy Mason

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This week, by order of the Peaky Blinders, we’ve slipped into Small Heath and taken up a table at The Garrison to catch the best Brummie Tommy since Tommy Shelby, Tommy Mason.

An exceptionally talented designer, Tommy is Founder and Lead Designer of Studio Mason, a digital and branding studio based in Birmingham. An experienced creative specialising in UX, UI and branding, he was nominated for The Drum’s Young Designer of the Year 2018, and more recently nabbed himself one of their Chip Shop Awards.

Tommy talks to us on tonnes of topics, including doing a design apprenticeship, function over form, designing for accessibility, going freelance, why self-branding is b*llocks, the creative scene in Brum and a whole lot more.

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Here are the Accessibility Tools mentioned: Guidelines, Contrast Checker, Speech Recognition & Stark.

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