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24th December 2019

Tom Goodwin

We’ve put a tasty worm on our line and cast it into the Big Apple to catch Zenith Media’s Exec VP & Head of Innovation, Tom Goodwin.

The best thing to come out of Sheffield since Sean Bean, Tom has worked with a list of clients that reads like the FTSE 100, including Microsoft, BMW, FOX and Emirates, and he is also the bestselling author of the ground-breaking book, Digital Darwinism.

Tom talks to us on tonnes of topics, including the evolution of tech and what excites him, his experience working at TBWA, metrics & short-termism, programmatic, selling Ribena to the North of England and a whole lot more.


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Guest's Reading List

Book digital darwinism

Digital Darwinism

Tom Goodwin

Book re imagine


Tom Peters

Book disruption


Jean-Marie Dru

Book alchemy


Rory Sutherland

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