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20th October 2022

TMBR Round 2

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Let’s get ready to rumble! Grab your ringside seat for the second episode in our battle royale-style heavyweight series; They Might Be Right. It’s the boisterous brother of Call To Action that breaks up bundles in the pithy playground of Twitter.

Named in honour of Bill Bernbach’s famed jacket pocket card, we invite our challengers into the octagon of debate for a verbal slugfest, whilst being mindful and welcoming to the opinions of others.

This week’s motion is Client-side or agency-side; a proper marketer could do both?’

Lee Grunnell

The top marketing director whose tweet sparked all this off, Lee is obsessed with applying the latest thinking from marketing leaders like Binet, Field, and Sharp to professional services.

Gillian Rightford

Creativity champion and industry agony aunt, Gillian is Founder of Adtherapy, a management, skills development, and communication consultancy.

Tom Lewis

A Commercial Performance Improvement advisor to businesses, Tom, is ex-adland and now cuts his teeth in law and Private Equity.

It’s a judge's decision and YOU are the judge. Vote for the winner (or a split decision).


(01:56) - Reminder of today’s motion

(02:18) - Opening statements

(06:10) - Royal Rumble

(06:42) - Agencies stifled by their own operating model

(08:10) - Fun things in ad land squeezed out by lack of commerciality

(12:06) - Lack of commercial skills underpins everything

(14:18) - Clients turning off the creative tap

(15:18) - The system is dysfunctional

(21:15) - Making the briefs better

(23:58) - Specialists vs generalists

(28:00) - Closing statements

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