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16th May 2024

Scott Morrison

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This week, we caught Scott ‘The Boom’ to shake-shake-shake the room.

Cutting his teeth at Saatchi and Saatchi, Scott Morrison has run the Nike business at Wieden and Kennedy, and been CMO and Commercial Director at Levi’s, Activision and Diesel. Now he brings the Boom! to brands and leaders to Unblock, Unlock and Unleash commercial, creative or cultural impact that transforms business and individuals.

Strap in as we wag chins on picking tomatoes, the power of stating intent, the magic of positive disruption, and the art of creating a movement. Scott's not just about making noise - he's about making a real impact. From quiet leadership lessons inspired by Nelson Mandela to the bold moves that drive businesses forward, Scott's got the playbook for success.

Listen quick. Tic-tic-tic-tic...

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02:07 - Quickfire questions

03:40 - His early jobs and career path

06:19 - Importance of being open to serendipity in career choices

13:39 - The importance of positive disruption in business

21:29 - The "unblock, unlock, unleash" approach

25:40 - Defining success and unblocking obstacles

33:24 - Stating intent as a powerful leadership tool

36:52 - Characteristics of impactful leaders and the concept of learning fast

41:25 - Impactful leadership styles and the balance between quiet and loud impact

45:37 - Listener questions

51:38 - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

The Mountain is You

Brianna Wiest

The Ego is the Enemy

Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday

The Road Less Stupid

Keith Cunningham

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