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01st December 2022

Sara Tate

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This week, we twiddled our Poirot-Esque moustache and put our egg-shaped heads together to track down and catch ad industry titan, Sara Tate, for a chinwag.

Sara is former CEO of TBWA London and, alongside Anna Vogt, penned The Rebuilders, a guide to building resilience and turning obstacles into opportunities.

She talks to us on TV detectives, working in a teabag factory, being a nosy ninny, struggling early on in her strategy career, courier-related mini-mega cringes, writing about setbacks and resilience, the commonalities between our personal and professional lives, dealing with your mental inbox, moving into a leadership position, and tons more for your little grey cells to devour.

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(01:45) - Quick fire questions

(03:19) - First-ever jobs

(06:05) - Being a strategist (and a nosy ninny)

(13:35) - Writing about setbacks and resilience

(17:50) - Commonalities between our personal and professional lives

(26:41) - How to focus on the now

(31:48) - Dealing with your mental inbox

(38:31) - The beginner’s mind

(46:03) - Listener questions

(52:37) - 4 pertinent posers

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