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29th May 2020

Ryan Wallman

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An internationally acclaimed copywriter and author who is partial to some wolf nipple chips (who isn’t?), Ryan Wallman is Creative Director and Head of Copy for Wellmark, a Melbourne-based creative agency specialising in healthcare.

He has written for numerous industry publications, including Marketing Week, and is a co-author of the bestselling marketing book Eat Your Greens. More recently, Ryan smashed out his own masterpiece; The Drum Roses award-winning satirical scalpel that is Delusions of Brandeur; a hilarious, piss-taking how-not-to-guide for getting on in the marketing industry.

Praise for the book has been knockout:

“I love this book. Anything I spend my time on, I either have to learn something or be entertained, with this book I get both.” – Dave Trott

“Not only is this a marvelous book – but no one but Dr. Wallman could have written it.” – Rory Sutherland

Ryan chirps to us on the origins of Delusions of Brandeur, rumours of a sequel, what the world of medicine can teach marketing, the work of the Wellmark agency and the vital role Twitter played in his career change. His claims of being a world-class whistler are also put firmly to the test. Get your ears out and listen.

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Here is his agency Wellmark’s website.

Check out his book, Delusions of Brandeur, including some top merch and a Monty Python inspired video of supreme silliness.

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