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20th April 2023

Orlando Wood

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When life gives you Lemon, make lemonade. So, this week, we catch and squeeze a glass full of tasty topics from creative super brain, Orlando Wood.

Chief Innovation Officer at System 1 group and author of Lemon and Look Out, Orlando is dead set on delving deep into the links between advertising, psychology, and the creative arts.

He talks to us on interviewing unsuspecting passengers on the Eurostar, advertising as a barometer to society, art history, how a dazzling art form became a dreary science, left and right brain hemispheres, whether advertising is changing for better or worse, legends like Gossage, Bernbach, and Bullmore, humour, his favourite painting, what he thinks of ‘content’, and more.

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(01:57) - Quick fire questions

(03:29) - First ever job and first proper job in marketing

(07:40) - Advertising doesn’t exist in a vacuum

(09:52) - The parallels between art and advertising

(12:30) - Studying history and how it helps with advertising

(14:39) - His books Lemon and Look Out

(23:05) - The left and right hemispheres of the brain

(25:40) - Advertising in the 1950s

(33:24) - “Humour gets in under the door while seriousness is still fumbling at the handle”

(38:42) - Listener questions

(49:39) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Madison Avenue USA

Martin Mayer

When Advertising Tried Harder

Larry Dobrow

Methods of the Mad Men

Mike Everett

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