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03rd April 2020

Nick Parker

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This week we’ve laid bait of tempting language to snare the exceptionally talented writer and founder of the language strategy agency That Explains Things, Nick Parker.

A one-time creative director, magazine editor, keynote speaker, children’s book author, Viz cartoonist and crystallised-piss-on-door-hinges remover, Nick now helps fellow copywriters, agencies and brands like BT, PWC, Tesco and Spotify define brand tone of voice.

He talks to us on a treasure trove of topics, including his first paid job creating a cartoon strip for Viz, tips for writing, useful words, authoring child fiction, how to define tone of voice, how to run a good workshop and more. You’d be a fool not to let us bend your ear ‘ere.

Follow Nick on LinkedIn.

On Twitter.

Here is his agency website.

And his ‘find your own tone of voice’ kit, Voicebox.

And Nick's book The Exploding Boy and Other Tiny Tales.

Guest's Reading List

The Exploding Boy and other tiny tales

Nick Parker

Made to Stick

Chip & Dan Heath


Rory Sutherland

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